MEH 7"

by Skinny Genes

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Oh, hey. I'm Azeem. Some people know me as Ace, though most of these "some people" refer to me as "that other guy" from House Boat that isn't Mikey Erg or Zack and/or "that other girl" from The Steinways that isn't Michelle Shirelle. Even weirder is that sometimes a fraction of most of some of these people refer to me as the handsome and exotic Chris Johnson (of Turkletons/Strait A's/Punchlines-fame.)*

I write songs sometimes and I ALSO play instruments. Crazy, right?! Since I have a quota of zero songs in my boss Grath Madden's bands (which turns out to be 1 or 2 songs after a bunch of strong-arming and whining), I found myself in a quandary: a bunch of songs and no bands to play them with! My mom suggested I pretend to be a band and go record the songs myself. So, I did that. Thanks, Mom! It was pretty crazy playing everything all at once, you guys! Boy are MY ARMS TIRED!!!

*Only Chris Johnson has ever referred to me as the handsome and exotic Chris Johnson.


released June 4, 2013

All songs written/performed by Azeem Sajid.
Engineered by Luke McNeill at Sonic Iguana, March 28-31st, 2013.
Mixed by Philip Zumbrun.
Mastered by Mass Giorgini.
Photos by Johanna O'Toole.
Arts by Tom Lowell.
Persuasion, coercion and insults by Servo Jeffersen.



all rights reserved


Skinny Genes New York, New York

I play bass and sing in House Boat. Before that I played guitar and sang in The Steinways. These are songs that I wrote and played on my own. Party!*

*No party. I'm tired.
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Track Name: Old Man Yells at Cloud
I'm so bored of this bullshit
Every second more of it
Not gonna stop, it won't quit

I am overwhelmed by all this sharing of your information
Make it stop

Your stupid face, your stupid kids
Your on and off relationships and
Pictures of your fucking food and
Pictures of your dumb vacations
Your opinion is dumb
It's making me irrationally angry at
The internet
Track Name: Comfortably Dumb
I guess I can say I've been aging with grace
Hair is intact and some grays on my face
And I've only put on about ten pounds in the past decade

As soon as I wake up, I'm already stuck
I can't focus on anything worth a fuck
I'm ignoring this nagging persistence that won't go away

I'm sick of being at odds with myself
I know what to do and that's part of the problem
I've dealt with my whole life, I guess I'm just fucked, 'cause

I always get it wrong, I don't think that I'll ever get it
(I'll never get it)
I'm backing down, this fight's a loss
Retire to my legacy as a never-will-be

I am knee-deep in self-defeat, I'm a champion
(I'm a total fucking champ)
Every fucking day is complete disarray, I'm a total fucking catch
I'm fucking fucked

Even though I can see
My self-awareness draped in hyperbole
It's what I'm good at
I'm also really awesome at

Never getting anywhere at all, I don't think that I'll ever get it
(I'll never get it)
All the important shit is lost, somewhere inside my stupid head
(My brain is dead)
I'm backing down, this shit's a bust
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah forget it

Fuck this, I'm going back to sleep
Track Name: No Service
Staring at it staring back at me
Even though I'm on this thing constantly
Unable to get up and move
Motivation's gone, no more to lose
Should've known I'd fuck it up somehow

Freaking myself out over this
On top of everything else, it's so stupid
This all could end if I could bring
Myself to simply answering
Myself is clearly my undoing

I wanna say, I'm gonna pick up and seize the day
But I won't, so I'm not gonna try

I'm going back to sleep, in my mind the sound repeats
Taunting me, I can't ignore, echoing forever in my core

I suck at being a grown-up
I suck
Track Name: Worst
Sitting here all day and, of course, I'm stuck with you
I thought I left the fucking worst behind, I'm gonna lose my fucking mind
This place already sucks but you make it so much worse
And I'm about to blow the fuck up any minute, any second now

You're the worst, you're the fucking worst excuse of life on Earth

So, why I don't I just go ahead and quit this fucking bullshit job
And you can find somebody else to yell at all day angrily
(Fuck this, I quit)
Fuck you and your lack of social skills you fucking lunatic
You're tactless, unprofessional and I'm so sorry that you are fat*
(Fuck you, I quit)
Track Name: Mansion Apartment Shack House
A lot's been said between us and I know there's more to say
Of nothing ever changing and that we are not okay
And I know that time's not on our side
So we go, on with our own lives

Priorities are shifting but I'm still stuck in a haze
I've spent way too much time deciding how to waste my days
The hardest part is how I'll spend my life
I guess I'll start by earning back my pride

But something's missing

Promises made, I've fallen through, you're making moves
And someday soon I'll get done what I've committed to
I've fallen behind, way more than I could've thought
And I'm drowning in this pain of never knowing what I want
I'm fucking terrified of possibilities
I don't know what to do with all these parts or this one piece
And regardless of the progress there just ain't no guarantee
That in the end I'll know what I think makes me feel complete

There's something missing and I miss it everyday
There's something missing and it feels so far away
I know it's not, there's only so much I can do
Whatever happens, hopefully someday I'll have a clue

There's something missing and I miss it everyday
There's something missing and I miss it everyday
There's someone missing and I miss her everyday
This stupid life is wasted on me